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Mandurah Over 55 Cycle Club: Cycling Law and Safety Requirements

Mandurah Over 55 Cycle Club: Ride Safety and Rules

Cyclist Black Spot Report Form


Safety is always the number one priority on any ride with the Mandurah Over 55 Cycling Club. If any potential hazards are identified during the course of a ride the Cyclist Black Spot Report Form can be downloaded here, completed, and forwarded to the Mandurah City Council for their consideration.

As well, the following tips might prove useful in preparing for a safe and enjoyable ride.

Before riding

  • Is your bike in good mechanical order
  • Do you have spare tube/s and a tool kit
  • Do you have some cash, and your mobile phone, in case of emergency
  • Include ICE numbers on your mobile phone contacts; are you carrying an up to date ICE Card
  • Do you have food and enough water with you
  • Is your bike equipped with a bell, lights and mirror
  • Do you have a First Aid kit

On the Road

  • Always ride wearing a helmet
  • Obey the road rules
  • Respect other road users
  • Be predictable and indicate your intentions clearly
  • When riding in formation, maintain a safe distance from the rear wheel of the rider in front of you.
  • Ride at a smooth and steady pace
  • Close up gaps between riders in a group
  • Leaders call out hazards and directions, which are then passed on down the line of riders
  • When passing another rider check behind to see it is safe
  • Always pass another rider on the right
  • If you wish to leave the group for any reason tell someone (preferably the leader).

Calls and Signals (passed down from the leader)

  • For hazards such as glass, potholes, rubbish, water - call "glass", "pothole" etc. as appropriate and point to hazard
  • For a slow rider or walker call "walker/bike left"
  • For oncoming car call "car up"; call "car back" for a vehicle approaching from the rear
  • Alert riders behind of parked cars with a call of "car left"
  • For an approaching rider or walker on DUP call "walker/bike up"
  • Announce obstacles such as posts on DUP with a call of "post"
  • Announce your intentions of slowing or stopping by calling "slowing" or "stopping"
  • When negotiating an intersection or roundabout call "car left" or "car right" if there is approaching traffic
  • Signal your intention to turn right or left by extending your arm out at right angles to your body, and in the direction of the turn

For further information the Mandurah Over 55 Cycling Club Riding Safety and Road Rules leaflet can be downloaded here


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